10CCC - 10th Conference on Colloid Chemistry - August 29-31, 2012 - Budapest, Hungary
Monday, 23 October 2017
Scope & topics



Colloidal, nanoparticulate, and nanostructured systems take an important role among the novel material systems designed to serve the sustainable development, liveable future. Colloid particles, novel in size, shape or surface chemistry offer attractive functional properties to a range of formulated products, from drug delivery system to coatings and cosmetics. Nanotechnologies provide a wide range of economic benefits in the field of nanoformulation, sensors, imaging and diagnostics. Since 1971 the Hungarian Chemical Society has been hosting a series of Conferences Colloid Chemistry dealing with the topics of current actual scientific and industrial interest. The 10th jubilee Conference on Colloid Chemistry with the jointly organized 1st Symposium of Visegrád countries on colloids, interfaces and nanotechnology will focus on innovative systems for sustainable development. The conference will aim on bringing together experts from different disciplines from academy and industry to discuss the scope and recent progress in the field and stimulate collaborative efforts.


  • Molecules at interfaces (theoretical aspects, characterization and modification of surfaces, wetting and adhesion, chemical processes on solid surfaces)
  • Dispersed systems (preparation and characterization of colloidal particles, emulsions and suspensions, environmental colloids)
  • Self-assembly systems (surfactants, LB films and LbL structures)
  • Biocolloids (biomedical and pharmaceutical application)
  • Smart colloidal systems (nanostructures and -composites)
  • Colloid aspects of industrial application
  • Colloidal polysaccharides